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Higher Places is dedicated to mentor and advocate for families and young adults who have experienced struggles in life, by meeting them where they are at.

Not having food or decent clothing can make a person feel ashamed and prevent them from going to an interview. Higher places has them covered!

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Higher Places is an Outreach Center who shares values and resources, an organization offering those who partner with us and those we serve the benefits of a loving, accepting environment. We meet our participants where they are at in life’s journey and assist them in developing a life plan. We have tied the program together with a well-designed set of policies, procedures and standards that create a level of support and consistency above the rest.
Placing them on the path of education. It reduces poverty and child labor and offers the tools needed to succeed in life. 

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The Higher Places program is a Central Florida based outreach. We offer quality, community-based services and a safe haven to young adults who have experienced generational dysfunction, domestic, family or street violence and as a result have fell lost. Our hearts desire is to prevent this cycle from re-occurring.

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